Secure Systems Group

University of Waterloo and Aalto University.

The Secure Systems Group (SSG) consists of researchers from both University of Waterloo and Aalto University. At UWaterloo, SSG is part of CrySP. SSG’s focus is on understanding how to design and build systems that are simultaneously secure, easy to use, and inexpensive to deploy. This involves both building and evaluating systems but also occasionally breaking the security and privacy guarantees claimed by existing systems.

SSG came to Waterloo when Prof. N. Asokan moved from Aalto University to David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science in Fall 2019. [You can see more information about our past projects at the Aalto SSG pages.]

Our Research

Our current research interests fall into the following major themes:

  • Platform security and applications we investigate the design of new hardware and software platform security techniques as well as the use of current, widely deployed platform security techniques to secure applications and services.

  • Machine learning and security/privacy: we study how to apply machine learning techniques to solve security and privacy problems as well as security and privacy challenges that arise in machine learning applications in general.

In addition to these major themes, we have several other themes where we do exploratory work.


You can find pointers to our papers, software, and blog on the dissemination page.

Student Research Projects and Teaching

Our teaching activities and and topics for student research can be found in the respective university pages.

At the University of Waterloo courses taught by SSG personnel will be listed in the CrySP list of courses. Openings for Undergraduate Research Assistants (when available) will appear on the School of Computer Science URA page.

At Aalto University, courses taught by SSG personnel are listed here. Research topics available for students are listed here.